Be Free Daily

Be Free Daily is an excerpt from life as it happens.  This is a daily glimpse into the life of a woman who is breaking free from the cycle.  A woman who is striving to live a life free and in peace.  I will post updates daily.  I hope you find this inspiring, entertaining and helpful.


7 thoughts on “Be Free Daily

  1. Today was all about boundaries. Putting up the imaginary fence around me with the little door that I can lock or leave open depending on whom I was dealing with. For my kids, the boundary door was always open; they came and went without hurting me. With others though, the door stayed locked. Isn’t it funny how even though you lock the door, some people find a way to manipulate and push your boundaries? It’s like they see it as a challenge. Others just jump right over your fence. If it is healthy to have boundaries, then why do we let others violate them? Is it fear of rejection and abandonment? Fear of confrontation? Guilt? Setting healthy boundaries for yourself is important. To set those boundaries you have to know your values and who you are. Be aware of what makes you uncomfortable and stay true to yourself. Healthy boundaries allow you to have high self-esteem and self-respect. It empowers you to make healthy choices and take responsibility for yourself. Go live the most wonderful you.


  2. Why are we more anxious than ever before? Why are kids so stressed out? Is it pressure to get into college, find a job, get a promotion or just look good in front of our friends and neighbors? Who puts these pressures on us? Is it our way of life that is making us less calm and composed? Are we more stressed because our devices have kept us from building intimate relationships with people? We text, snapchat and tweet more often than having a real conversation. I am not saying technology is bad, I love technology! it’s just that perhaps we get a little carried away and feel we have to keep up with our friends and society because everything is so public and instantly available.

    Let’s not forget the power of human connection. Face to face interaction with another human being is extremely important to our health and happiness. Reach out to some one today face to face. Go live the most wonderful you.

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  3. In every breeze, every laugh, everywhere I turned I saw couples walking side by side with their arms wrapped around each other’s waist. I saw couples hugging and some kissing. Are they truly in love or just enjoying the newly warm days? Once I got over the pang of longing to have that sweet love, I thought, is that real or just a fleeting moment which makes one act? Either way, it was beautiful. So, I began to look for real true affection. Once I started to look, I saw it in the most odd places. An elderly couple walking down the street hand in hand appearing to be content with one another. They walked in sync, silent and at peace. A man opening a car door for his wife, a couple talking over coffee; giving each other the respect they each deserved. But the true love I found today was my children. My son made sure i had a chair to sit in by the pool; giving up his own seat. My daughter picked up my shoes from the grass so my dog would not chew them. These are true acts off love and ones that are the most important. So, my dear friends, remember true love is all around you if only you look. Live the most wonderful you!


  4. Sorry for the delayed post. Had court this week; it is always difficult. I don’t understand how, once the person who has abused you is gone, can still hold power over you. Why do we allow them to have that power over us? A counselor once told me to put up an invisible shield. Hold it up to the attacks, comments, sneers from across the court room, or leers from other women. Let it hit your shield and fall down. Another wise friend said, put all their shit into a garbage bag so your hands are free to hug your kids. Well…that is exactly what I am doing! A person can try to control us from afar or even when they are next to you, but we are the ones who have the ultimate control. We are the ones who can allow them to hurt us. Why would we do that to ourselves? As Ronald Regan once said, ‘They only win if you hate them back’. So, don’t hate your adversaries, love them and set yourself free. Live the most wonderful you!


  5. Happy Mother’s Day!! A big shout out to all the mothers in the world. Whether you have a good relationship with your mom or not, mothers have the potential to shape your life. so, how do you know you can trust someone> Is it shared experiences? A feeling? An innate sense? I asked my 8 and 19 year old this question san surprisingly, they could not gprpvide a definitive answer. So, it must be wishing us to know whom we can trust. It must be an inner compass which allows one to let down a wall or barrier to trust another person. The definition of trust in the dictionary states a good relationship is built on trust. A belief or faith in another human being who will have your best interest at heart. Strangely, i met someone yesterday who implicitly trusted me without knowing who I was. there was a vendor at a mud run for kids. The booth only took cases or checks, which I had neither of because of the run. He stated to me that I could mail him the money for this fidget spinner that my son wanted. The spinner was $`2. I told him I would try to find and aATM and pay him cash, He said II know you are one of the good ones, Idf I can’t trust you, then all faith in humanity is lost. I was dumb founded by his comment. I began to feel the weight o this burden that he place upon me, My son took the toy and stated that the band was very nice. He kept stating that I should pay him. I told him that I would as soon as I got home. It t is interesting that this man, whom ddid not know me at all, wanted to palace trust in me to send hime a check to pay for the ory. So, my question is, why do we trust people/ We all have faith in humanity to be good. We all want to see the good in others. That is a great human Strange thing yesterday…the kids and I went on a mud run


  6. Oops!!! my kitten is on my lap and pressed the button which posted all that mumbo jumbo. All of it is true,except the typos. 🙂 My son is 10, not 19…. Anyway, I’ll leave it to you: how do you know you can trust someone? Post your comments. Be the most wonderful you!!


  7. Fear; our greatest enemy. The emotion grabs hold of us and does not let go. It makes us feel powerless. Why do we fear? Is it fear of not mattering? Fear of losing? Fear of rejection? Whatever the fear, it does not have to control our lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we could live at least one day, one moment without fear? To be free from its vice? The torment fear wreaks on our psyche and bodies is harmful. I am not talking about the healthy fear of flight or fight, I am talking about the fear of everyday perils that come at us. These uncertainties will not go away, after all we live in a sinful world, but we can choose to react with out fear. We can have freedom from fear. I believe the only way we can fight fear is with a new attitude and a different reaction when we get fearful. How about we start by saying, fear you have no hold on me. If we change our thinking of being fearful of a situation and changing it into an attitude of Yes, I can do this; it will enable us to take our power back and step out in faith. Let’s change our attitude about our circumstances and know we will get through it with a faith not fear. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self control. Be the most wonderful you!!

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